How the marches in support of President Petro ended

How the marches in support of President Petro ended

Hundreds of people took to the streets of several of the main cities of Colombia to express their support for the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, who celebrates 100 days of having assumed the reins of the country.

(Economic challenges faced by the Government in its first 100 days).

“Today we are giving support to the change policies of the Petro Government, that government that guarantees rights that we are promoting today,” said Carlos Donoso, a member of the union of employees of the National Apprenticeship Service (Sena).

The Bogotá march in support of Petro was the largest, although there were also marches in Cali, Medellín and Bucaramanga, the country’s main cities.

“We are telling the citizens of Bogotá and all the cities of the country that this government that represents change has clearly set a course so that social demands can finally become a reality”added Donoso in the Plaza de Bolívar, in the heart of Bogotá, where the march that left the National Park arrived.

(Did there change? The milestones that Petro attributes to his first 100 days).

The largest concentrations in the country’s capital were recorded in the city center, without serious consequences for mobility.

Marches in favor of Petro.


In Cali there were several demonstrations that ended in Puerto Rellena or Puerto Resistencia, one of the neighborhoods where there were the most mobilizations in 2021, in the so-called social outbreak.

artistic displays, the chants in support of Petro and the vice president of Colombia, Francia Márquezwere the common denominator in the day.

About the 100 days of Government, The head of state presented the balance of his administration in which he ratified that the central objective is to turn Colombia into the world power of life. He explained that to achieve this purpose, two components must be discussed: environmental justice and social justice.

“We proposed and we propose that this Government is a militant Government in life and in its two aspects: natural life for which we proposed a set of measures that have to do with climate justice, some national, other global struggles; and a block of public policies that have to do with human life in Colombia”Peter explained.

(Special: the 100 days of Gustavo Petro’s government).

On September 26, thousands of people took to the streets of Colombia to protest against Petro’s economic and political reforms, in what was the first demonstration against his government since he took office on August 7.

Equally, last week a survey revealed that Petro’s management, one hundred days after beginning his termis approved by 49.7% of the population, while 42.7% disapprove.


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