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HAVANA, Cuba.- The tabloid Orbe, a publication of the Castro agency Latin Press, defines itself as an “international weekly”. It is assumed, then, that it is fundamentally dedicated to reporting on the most important events in the world, as well as to analyzing them. However, its number 5 this year, corresponding to the week of April 9 to 15, does not justify that supposed profile.

Orb consists of eight pages. Of these, its sports supplement covers half (somewhat more, actually, if we take into account the headline that announces it on the cover). If we subtract the front page itself, dedicated to photos and headlines, as well as the numerous images (some with commercial characteristics, such as those that, together with a brief text, occupy the entire page 7, dedicated to the “premium wines” of China), there is not much left for the analysis of the events that occurred during the week on a planetary scale.

It seems —therefore— that the ideas that the Castroists want to instill in the readers of this instrument of their agitation and propaganda are neither many nor convincing. And to a certain extent it is natural that this should be the case, judging by the only journalistic work that, in this body supposedly specialized in international affairs, is dedicated to the main problem of this type that disturbs the world today: the invasion of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin Ukraine.

Under the title “Politicization of human rights”, colleague Ibis Frade addresses the recent expulsion of the Moscow regime from the UN body specialized in these issues. In doing so —nothing else could be expected from a Castroist journalist— she also mentions the United States, a country to which she attributes “pressures” aimed at achieving that result.

Regarding the reasons for the adoption of this exceptional measure, the official informant alludes to “supposed war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine.” She therefore questions the well-documented massacres of innocent civilians, among which she highlights the indiscriminate massacre perpetrated by Moscow troops in the martyr village of Bucha.

And what’s more: Mrs. Ibis manages not to mention the very fact of the invasion unleashed against an independent UN member country: an event that, by itself, allows us to hold the Kremlin responsible for all the deaths and the terrible destruction that Ukraine is suffering today. We are talking about a type of event that the world has not seen since the first half of the last century. But now, by the work and grace of the dictator Putin, we see it reissued in the XXI century.

Far from it, what the Diazcanelist writer does, without specifying or offering any specific data, is attacking the “Great Satan” (as the unpresentable Iranian ayatollahs would shamelessly say). Or against “el Totí”, which is what a compatriot of ours would say referring to the bird with black plumage to which —according to the popular phrase— rice thefts are attributed not only to themselves and their peers, but also to those perpetrated by birds of other species.

We read in the penultimate paragraph of the text by Mrs. or Miss Frade in Orbe: “On numerous occasions, the United States was the center of controversy in that body for violations against human rights confirmed in that territory, even by government entities.”

We see then that the just indignation of the international community at the brutal blow dealt by the dictator Putin against the free and democratic Ukraine, is reduced, according to what was published in Orbe, to one more manifestation of the Washington-Moscow dispute. And in a pretext for the Castro writers to attack once again against the great country that they declare guilty of everything bad that happens in the world.

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