How many MSMEs in the DR only have one employee and their RNC?

How many MSMEs in the DR only have one employee and their RNC?

He 67.3% of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the country is composed of an employeewhich is the same owner, and only the 9.3% declares to have a National Taxpayer Registry (RNC), reports the National Statistics Office (ONE) in a recent publication.

The institution reports that 93% of property owners MSMEs was born in the Dominican Republic, the 6.1% in Haiti and the remaining 1% in other countries.

The data comes from an analysis of the MSMEs in the Dominican Republic, based on information generated by the National Survey of Multipurpose Households 2022 (Enhogar), through its Characterization Module of MSMEs. This was based on an effective sample of 34,652 people.


As they are?

The analysis indicates that the 29.9% of the MSMEs owns of 1 to 5 workersand the remaining 2.9% are located within 6 to 150.

It details that the Greater concentration of the MSMEs is located in the Commerce sector, with 41.8%; followed by Agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing, with 13.9%.

11.2% belongs to Other service activities, a line that includes Beauty salonsbarbershops and equipment repairs, such as cell phones or household items, among other personal service activities.

Accommodation and food service represents 11.1%, while manufacturing industries 6.9%, adds the ONE.

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Where are they?

The findings highlighted in the ONE analysis indicate that only the 24% of the MSMEs has officeworkshop, office or establishment to provide their services.

In part, this result is associated with the type of activity who perform the MSMEssince another type of premises would be expected for activities such as agriculture, home services or street sales”, observes the ONE.

It specifies that the 46.3% has its place of installation shared with the housefollowed by 15% found in a commercial plaza location and 10.7% in a farm or agricultural plot.

He 9.5% own businesses at home or without premises and 7.2% a semi-fixed space on the road or street.

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By social stratum

Regarding the family socioeconomic group, the 31.8% of the MSMEs Belongs to middle and upper middle groupfollowed by the low-middle group with 26.6%, cites the analysis.

“Just a 9.9% of MSMEs are in a high family socioeconomic group. A significant proportion of owners MSMEs It is found in the lowest socioeconomic groups, which reflects relevant needs in terms of property ownership and housing infrastructure”, observes the ONE.

The analysis adds that the higher frequency device in the MSMEs is he cell phonewith 41.4%, followed by the internet with 29.4% and social networks with 24.6%.

While he mentions payment terminals such as the verifon (2.3%) and web pages (8%). In an intermediate position, he points out that 13% of the MSMEs have email, 12.5% ​​have at least one computer and 8.9% landline.

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