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How many Colombians have been evacuated from Ukraine due to the war?

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How many Colombians have been evacuated from Ukraine due to the war?

The Colombian Foreign Ministry reported this Friday of the evacuation of another Colombian from Ukraine, with whom they are already 289 Colombian citizens who left the country invaded by Russia.

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In addition, on Friday, April 8, another Colombian was located in Ukraine, so the census amounted to 303, The Foreign Ministry detailed in a statement.

The Embassy of Poland It has been the ally of the Foreign Ministry, allowing the evacuation of Colombian citizens in Ukraine through its borders, and it is where most of them remain.

Of the 14 Colombians still in Ukraine, 11 maintain their decision to stay for family reasons, two are waiting for better security conditions to leave and one more is in the process of being located.

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Right now, there are Colombians in Warsaw, who are provided lodging, food, guidance, security and, depending on the case, medical service. have also been repatriated 17 nationals, although many of them have decided to stay in Europe.

Every day the news about this tragedy that the Ukrainian people are suffering due to the Russian invasion is more terrifying.“, lamented the Colombian Vice President and Foreign Minister, Martha Lucia Ramirez which indicated that the Government “will continue to work as it has” Until now.

In this way, “Colombia is permanently acting on the different draft resolutions that have been given” in the international arena, the chancellor indicated.

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We cannot accept for any reason that there is a breakdown of international law because that would be the catastrophe for the civilized coexistence of nationsRamirez stated.


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