How the mafias that traffic illegally through Mexico work

How do the mafias that traffic illegal immigrants through Mexico work?

Santo Domingo.- The mafia groups that transport illegal immigrants from Central America, Haiti and the Dominican Republic have a fairly broad and well-organized structure, ranging from ties to drug cartels to transporting weapons to different countries.

Thanks to the kindness of the Internet and the different social networks, we were able to investigate, through interviews with some travelers, how these groups work, which “traffick everything and sell their souls to the devil.”

Illegal migrants hiding under a tree

They have links in Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. In the latter country, the trips of Haitians, Cubans and Venezuelans are coordinated, beginning the adventure towards the United States.

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Meanwhile, in El Salvador and Guatemala, illegal Cubans and Venezuelans are also linked.

When the illegals arrive in Mexico, they are expected by individuals who show little of their faces, wear military clothing and use weapons of war, as a sign of “their good organization.” They are known as “coyotes” in the world of illegality.

They charge all their operations in dollars and lodge travelers with greater purchasing power in hotels, while they hide others in farms far from the urban area.

How the mafias that traffic illegally through Mexico work
Illegal migrants hiding under a tree waiting for a train

«When I arrived in Mexico, they asked me for my telephone number and that of my mother. I spent several days on a farm until I traveled to the DF (Federal District), to board a train from there to the border”, narrated one of the adventurers, who after a month of leaving the Dominican Republic, is still struggling to get there. To united states.

«I have spent a lot of work here (in Mexico), I did not know that things were this way, if I had known, I would stay in my country. I got on the hood of a freight train to reach the border and the fear was killing me because I was alone on the roof, “he lamented.

Another narrated that the traffickers or “coyotes” are very strict in their affairs and rarely communicate with travelers.

“They always send other people to manage their affairs. It is a long chain of servants who trade with anything and even sell their souls to the devil”, he affirmed.

The number of Dominicans who have traveled to the United States illegally, via Mexico, has risen in recent months, many paying up to 400,000 pesos on the journey to achieve their goal.

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