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Housing will contribute more than 130 million pesos to infrastructure works in the Nueva Esperanza neighborhood

The agreement signed between the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning (MVOT) and the Municipality of Canelones includes the construction of 19 houses, materials for improving bathrooms, opening streets, sanitation, electricity connections and equipment for a public space with multipurpose court and square with games. The Neighborhood Improvement Program will contribute more than 3 million dollars for the works.

The activity, which took place this Wednesday 22 on 30 de Abril and Corrales streets, in the Nueva Esperanza neighborhood of Solymar Norte, in Canelones, was attended by the Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning, Irene Moreira; the undersecretary of the portfolio, Tabaré Hackenbruch; the local mayor, Yamandú Orsi, and the mayor of Ciudad de la Costa, Sonia Misirian.

Also participating were the national director of Social and Urban Integration (Dinisu), Florencia Arbeleche; the general coordinators of the Neighborhood Improvement Program, Álvaro Martínez and Consuelo Pérez; national and local representatives, and members of the construction company.

“There is going to be a before and after the passing of the Neighborhood Improvement Program,” Moreira said. The hierarch valued the joint work with the Intendancy of Canelones and the Municipality of Ciudad de la Costa and highlighted the role of the neighbors for the realization of the project. “They kept the heart and spirit to keep moving forward,” he pointed.

In that sense, he added that the objective of social policies is to change the reality of the most vulnerable people. “Once the period in front of the ministry is over, I want to look back and see that all the effort was worth it, because we have built houses, taken people out of the settlements,” he said.

In addition, he mentioned the MVOT’s Avanzar plan, which he defined as a policy to accelerate the State’s response in this matter. The work with the entire public housing system, with the participation of the National Housing Agency and Mevir, in coordination with the mayors, municipalities and decentralized services, will improve the response to avoid an increase in the number of settlements.

The project for the Nueva Esperanza neighborhood includes the construction of 19 homes, 51 baskets of materials to improve bathrooms and 137 connections to sanitation for households that make up the list of beneficiaries. In addition, works will be carried out to open streets, rainwater conditioning, public lighting and roads, sanitation works, drinking water network and regular connections to electricity. Likewise, the equipping of a public space with a multipurpose court, a plaza with games, benches and tables is planned.

The total amount that the Neighborhood Improvement Program will contribute is 132,857,518 pesos, which is equivalent to more than 3 million dollars.

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