Household spending grows, but it was not the same for everyone

Household spending grows, but it was not the same for everyone

According to the report revealed on Wednesday by Raddar, household spending had a growth in money of 12.76% compared to the same month of the previous year.

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According to the latest report revealed by the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), in April the monthly inflation of 1.25% and 9.23% compared to last year, which caused the real spending will present a variation of 3.23% fcompared to the previous year and 3.8% so far this year. Compared to the previous month there is a decline of -3.2%.

With which the impact of inflation continues to slow down the growth of spending. Although it is in positive territory, there is a slowdown that is not the same in all households, with the level of income being a determining factor for the dynamics of spending that occurs in this time of high inflation.”, the report stated.

In this way, Raddar assures that this tendency can be evidenced in the families with fewer resources.

“The income level that has been most affected is the low, which in this month registered a variation of 0.7% compared to last year,” he said.

In contrast, high-income households recorded growth of over 6%.

With a a figure that touches almost 13% in the month of April and although the percentage of households with high incomes is low, they are the ones that are currently driving the spending dynamics of the country.

(Besides: ‘Drop by drop’ is almost 25% of credit between microenterprises).

“The general data hides the reality of many of the households (…) not all Colombians are having the same time nor do we have the same effects of inflation,” he specified.


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