Hotel sector estimates occupancy close to 100% during New Year's Eve

Hotel sector estimates occupancy close to 100% during New Year’s Eve

A survey carried out by the Brazilian Hotel Industry Association (National ABIH) indicates that the hotel sector should consolidate its recovery on New Year’s Eve this year, reaching occupancy rates close to 100% in several destinations in the country.Hotel sector estimates occupancy close to 100% during New Year's Eve

According to the president of ABIH Nacional, Manoel Linhares, the expectation for the New Year’s Eve parties “is excellent. Everything indicates that we will have one of the best high seasons in recent times ”, he estimated.

In the Northeast Region, for example, Bahia has an occupancy rate of 95%, with Salvador and Porto Seguro already totaling 100%. In Pernambuco, Porto de Galinhas should also reach 100%, while Greater Recife exceeds 90%.

In Ceará, the capital Fortaleza expects a rate higher than 95% at the end of the year. In Maranhão, São Luiz has 90% of rooms occupied and Barreirinha, 85%. In Paraíba, the hotel industry in João Pessoa expects numbers above 80%. Alagoas, in turn, registers 74% of hotel occupancy, with the possibility of reaching 85% due to the sale of packages to the regional market. In Rio Grande do Norte, the hotel industry expects to reach around 72%.

In the Midwest Region, due to the inauguration of the new President of the Republic, hotels in Brasília are already at 90% occupancy for the New Year’s Eve period. In some establishments, 100% of the rooms are already booked, indicates the survey by ABIH Nacional. Also in Mato Grosso, the hotel sector expects to be between 50% and 60% occupancy. In Tocantins, the rate should be 45%.

In the North of Brazil, the expectation is 90% in some destinations in Pará and, in the capital, Belém, 25%. In Acre, Rio Branco should reach 65% occupancy.

Southeast and South

In the Southeast Region, the coast of São Paulo stands out, with an expectation of reaching 100%, while the interior should have 95% and the capital, around 90%. In Rio de Janeiro, a traditional destination at this time of year, occupancy is 82% so far, with expectations, however, of reaching 100%.

In Minas Gerais, historic cities lead, with a perspective of reaching 85%, while Belo Horizonte presents an index close to 68%. In Espírito Santo, the end of year festivities should lead to an occupancy rate of 90% in hotels.

In the south of the country, hotel occupancy in the greater Florianópolis region, in Santa Catarina, should reach 100%, with 90% in Costa Verde e Mar and Caminhos dos Canyons. In Paraná, on the other hand, the expectation is to stay around 80%. In Rio Grande do Sul, the capital Porto Alegre should attract a greater number of visitors than in recent years, due to various actions undertaken by the public authorities, which could lead to an occupancy rate of over 50%. The two poles of Serra Gaúcha, Gramado and Bento Gonçalves will receive around 1.1 million visitors, taking occupancy rates close to 100%, indicates the survey by ABIH Nacional.

carioca hotels

A full house is also what Rio’s hotels are waiting for this year’s New Year’s Eve. According to a survey by the Rio de Janeiro Municipality of Means of Accommodation (HotelsRIO), the average hotel occupancy in the capital of Rio de Janeiro registers, so far, 80.75% for the period from December 30, 2022 to January 2023.

The most popular neighborhoods are Ipanema and Leblon, with 89.02% of confirmed bookings, followed by Leme and Copacabana (88.99%), Barra da Tijuca and São Conrado (82.04%), Flamengo and Botafogo (72.55 %) and Center (61.35%).

The expectation of hoteliers is to surpass the result of last New Year’s Eve, when the occupancy rate was 92.10%. “The sector’s recovery projections are very positive for this season and indicate that the numbers will be close to or exceed those of New Year’s Eve 2020/2021. We hope to reach 98% of occupied rooms”, stated the president of HotéisRIO, Alfredo Lopes.

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