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Hotel occupancy should register high across the country during holiday

A survey carried out by the Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry (ABIH) points to the expectation of high occupancy rates in several destinations in the country during the Corpus Christi holiday, between June 16th and 19th.Hotel occupancy should register high across the country during holiday

The highlight is the city of Campos do Jordão, in São Paulo, which has an expectation of 100% occupancy for the holiday. Hotels based in the state capital, Campinas and Ribeirão Preto should reach 80%. The cities in the interior of São Paulo should also register 80% occupancy, according to the survey.

In Rio de Janeiro, the rates should reach an average of 85% across the state, with the capital being between 85% and 90%, while cities in the mountain region, such as Itatiaia, Miguel Pereira, Friburgo, Teresópolis and Valença, may have almost 100% of the rooms occupied. In Minas Gerais, the historic cities indicate numbers close to 90%. The capital of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, should reach 60%. In Espírito Santo, occupancy should reach 82%.

According to a survey, the Gramado Tourist Pole and its destinations promise to have the busiest winter in its history. Canela, Gramado, Nova Petrópolis and São Francisco de Paula, cities that form the so-called Region of Hydrangeas, already have reservations above 96% for the Corpus Christi holiday. In Santa Catarina, the index should reach 85%. In Paraná, expectations are also high, with 75% occupancy.

In Ceará, the forecast is around 70% hotel occupancy. In Bahia, the numbers should also be around 70%, as well as Rio Grande do Norte should reach 70%, while Maranhão will have occupancy close to 84%, Piauí around 83% and Alagoas around 65% .

In the Midwest Region, Goiás should present numbers close to 90%, while Mato Grosso points to rates of 60% and Mato Grosso do Sul with the same 60%.

In the North Region, Acre should have 40% of hotel occupancy on the holiday. In Pará, hotels in Belém must have an average of 23%, while on the beaches, occupancy is around 80%. Amapá must also reach 80% occupancy.

In the assessment of the president of the Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry, Manoel Linhares, the indices found indicate a historic occupation throughout the country. According to him, there is an increase in the rates, even when compared to the numbers before the pandemic and “could be higher if it weren’t for the high price of air tickets that make it difficult and limit the expansion of domestic tourism”.

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