Hotel occupancy grew 6.4 points after a few weeks of vacation

Hotel occupancy grew 6.4 points after a few weeks of vacation

In the tenth month of the year, in the most recent report of the Monthly Accommodation Survey (EMA) of the National Administrative Department of Statistics, Danerevealed that the annual variation of real income was 15.6%, that of employed personnel 21.4% and that of real per capita wages 0.2%.

by cities, Bogota presents a variation of 59.8% compared to the income of October 2021 and an increase of 40.2% in employed personnel.

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The Amazon occupied the second place with a growth of 34.6% in real income and 19.6% in employed personnel.

Medellín follows on the list with an increase of 26.6% and 19.5% respectively.

About occupation, the Dane evidenced that in October 2022, was 58.8%, a figure marked mainly by the leisure motive, contributing with 30.2 pp of the percentage. In 2021, occupancy in the same month was 52.4%.

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In the case of Bogota, for October 2022 the occupancy rate was 71.5%, while the previous year it was 48.7%, demonstrating great dynamism.

The main reason for travel in October 2022 was business, contributing 39.4 pp to the occupancy rate.

Another city to highlight is Cartagena,
which obtained an occupancy of 68.4%, a figure very close to that of 2021, which was 65.0%.

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The main milestone was leisure contributing with 46.4 pp to the occupancy percentage.

Regarding rates, in simple accommodation it presented an annual variation of 26.7% and a monthly variation of 4.6%.

in accommodation on the price increase is 27.7% and compared to September of 5.1%.

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In the case of Bogota, This variation is greater than the national average, in the two types of accommodation presenting a growth of 37.7% in rates, followed by Cartagena with a rise of 34.9% in single accommodation and 34.1% in double accommodation. In Amazonia prices decreased 8.8%.


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