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Hotel evacuated in Havana due to false bomb alarm

MADRID, Spain.- This Sunday night, workers and guests were evicted from the Hotel Tulipán in Havana after the warning of an alleged bomb.

According to the Cuban journalist based in Miami, Mario Pentonpeople who were there, the hotel facility received a call warning of the presence of an explosive.

Police officers and specialists from the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) went to the place to cordon it off and search the property.

The Leones de Industriales baseball team from Havana was staying at the hotel, located near the Plaza de la Revolución.

A few hours later the Cuban authorities reported that no bomb had been found and it was false news.

As usual, the Cuban regime accused the United States of wanting to destabilize tourism in Cuba and stated that the situation was caused by a call from the northern country.

“There is no bomb here. It is another of the lies to create chaos, but Cuba remains calm,” he published. Granma on the social network Facebook.

“The Hotel Tulipán has its guests back. There is neither there nor was there a bomb, there is tranquility, in the hotel and in the neighborhood of Nuevo Vedado”, added the official newspaper.

To this statement, users commented: “Peace reigns and hunger abounds.”

In addition, they denounced that everything was provoked by the Cuban Government to deploy its State Security agents, due to the judgments against Luis Manuel Otero and Maykel Castillo that will take place this May 30 and 31.

“You invented that to have a justification to fill the streets with repressors, on the occasion of the trial of Luis and Maykel,” said Lys Gutiérrez Orihuela.

“Nobody here is stupid. Tomorrow is the trial of Luis and Maykel. Here is a cat locked up. It smells to me that those from State Security are putting up a smokescreen,” said Manuel Alejandro Suárez Pareta.

While Griselda Corzo Rodríguez assured: “That is to have the streets full of repressors and that the people are not thrown into the streets.”

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