Strong growth in the participation of vendors from the provinces in the Hot Sale

Hot Sale: new sales records per minute are recorded

The age group with the highest participation continues to be 25 to 34 years old.

The sales already registered in the Hot Sale 2022 set new records for the number of transactions per minute, as well as a rise in the average ticket, according to different platforms.

The e-commerce platform vtexdetected a peak of 924 orders per minute in the first hour of the day, and in the first 10 hours of the event they identified 36% more purchase orders, 56% more products and 101% more billing compared to the same period in the Hot Sale 2021.

As indicated, 84% of visits come from mobile devices, and that the clothing and accessories category reflected an increase in billing of 192%; and health and beauty 122%; while decoration and home invoiced 114% more.

Meanwhile, the platform storecloud verified an average ticket so far this day of over $9,700 compared to $6,000 in last year’s edition.

In this case, 56.4% of the buyers are based in the AMBA, 12.6% in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires, 6.8% in Córdoba and 6.2% in Santa Fe.

The participation of sailors in the age range of 18 to 24 years passed from 13 to 15
The participation of sailors in the age range of 18 to 24 years old went from 13% to 15%.

64.8% of sales correspond to the clothing category with an average ticket of $10,728, followed by health and beauty with 9.1% of transactions and an average of $5,473, followed by deco and home with 8.4 % and $14,230.

Until 11 a.m. this Monday, the stores on this platform had sold an average of 54 products per minute, up to 48,366 items, with a total billing of $469,426,407 and an average ticket of $9,706.

Among the multi-product stores, (Chango More) registered in the eight hours the equivalent of a normal day of sales, with a mayonnaise and a beer in the first places of the ranking of number of units sold.

In the Cetrogar chain, the marketing manager. Juan Manuel Almeida told Télam that 95% of sales within the Hot Sale are financed with interest-free installments, and that among televisions they notice an increase in 55-inch units.

In this case, the ranking of best-selling items is headed by a heater, followed by a 32-inch TV from a brand, another 55-inch device and in fourth place another 32-inch TV.

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