Hooded men throw Molotov cocktails at the Brígida neighborhood police station

Hooded men throw Molotov cocktails at the Brígida neighborhood police station

January 4, 2023, 11:55 AM

January 4, 2023, 11:55 AM

In the Brígida neighborhood, in the capital of Santa Cruz, a group of five hooded men on motorcycles they tried to completely destroy the police stationinitialbecause first they threw Molotov cocktails and when they were preparing to continue the attack, they fled because the neighbors came out when they heard the first explosions.

One of the neighbors reported to the media that they managed to see the cause of this destruction. They were men and they had their faces covered with clothing similar to that worn by the police. They escaped on their motorcycles when they saw the neighbors.

On the premises of the police station they managed to find some molotov cocktailssome had exploded, damaging the front of the police station.

Strangers on motorcycles came and attacked the police station, there were five of them, they brought their bombsThank God we didn’t give them time to burn down the police station because we talked to them and they ran away,” said a neighbor.

The neighbors assure that not local people, but alien and who only wants to cause excesses and tarnish the demonstrations of citizens.

“It is not that we are protecting the police or the police, but our houses because if a police station is set on fire, the fire can reach our homes and who is going to pay for the damages”, complained a woman.

On the other hand, they denounced that the police station was abandoned and that the attackers who were trying to destroy the place had already lowered the electric power temperature, so they do not rule out a self-attack.

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