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Honor Colorado makes an important decision on the Government of Guairá

“We bet on the unity of the Colorado Party. That’s why hWe have made the decision not to enter an unnecessary bid for what remains of the mandate of the government of Guairá, a government that we will conquer in the regular elections in April”, announced the pre-candidate Santiago Peña.

He further stated that the movement Honor Colorado will always “seek the unity of the Colorado family throughout the country.”

It should be remembered that The Chamber of Deputies approved the dismissal of Juan Carlos Vera as governor of Guairá on October 5and that, according to article 154 of the Electoral Code, within the first 10 days the internal ones must be summoned and in the following 80 days the general ones, the dates were inevitably established on November 20 for the internal ones and on the January 1 for the generals.

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TSJE asks for a law to avoid elections in the New Year in Guairá

In this situation, The only way to prevent the elections from being held in the middle of the New Year is through a law that allows for the one-time application of an exception to the deadlines established in the Electoral Code.

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