Homicide escalation: "One cannot analyze the day to day"Gonzalez said

This Tuesday morning three new homicides were reported, and the number of deaths of this type rose to 14 in nine days. The director of Coexistence and Citizen Security, Santiago González, indicated that the Ministry of the Interior recognizes these “bad days in terms of homicides” and will work “to change it.”

“We cannot hide what has happened or say ‘this is not ours’. No, this is ours”González remarked at a press conference held this Monday night, recorded by Telemundo (Channel 12), before the three recent homicides were reported.

González clarified that, in any case, you can’t do a “day-to-day” analysissince from the Ministry they understand that the results Are they annual or quarterly?, period in which they publish their reports. He noted that the Ministry of the Interior “work every day to improve the day before”, and so that “people can live in peace”.

“One cannot analyze day by day, one must work day by day. The final result is in the annual, it can be every three months as we give the data, but one has to have the peace of mind that we are going in the right direction “, he pointed.

“The sun with a finger should not and cannot be covered. We take charge of what happens for better and for worse”, added the director of Coexistence. He indicated that the Investigations unit works on each of the cases, and stated that in order to prevent more homicides from occurring –“one of the most complicated to prevent” according to the hierarch– It takes a “heavy police presence” across the country, and elements “to prevent as many crimes as possible”.

He also highlighted the work of the Police, which in his opinion is “very professional”and to which it is necessary “give him time” to work.

14 homicides

The events of this morning occurred in the Peñarol neighborhood, and it was about two different cases. About 1 o’clock in the morningA 56-year-old man was shot to death. Then, at 3:47 a.m., the homicide of two men who were semi burned near the train tracks that pass through the neighborhood, near the corner of Camino Edison and Fulton. The police were notified of shots fired near that area, but when they arrived they found the bodies on fire, and the focus was still active.

Since Monday, May 2, they reported 14 homicides in the country, of which eight were in Montevideo, three in Canelones, two in Maldonado and one in Salto.

On Monday morning, two of these cases occurred, reported El País: in Toledo Chico A 52-year-old man was shot in an attempted canteen robbery. and died upon arrival at the Capitan Tula polyclinic; in Casavalle another 57-year-old man was shot at the door of his house, after a strong argument with another person with whom he arrived at the scene, according to witnesses in the case.

At around 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 7, the Maldonado police were informed of two people wounded by bullets on a farm in the town of La Capuera, Maldonado. Arriving, one of them, 55 years old, was already dead, and the other injured, 47 years old, was referred to a health center in serious condition, Maldonado Noticias reported. That day another man was also found murdered and shot on a street in the July 17 neighborhood of Montevideo.

Friday May 6 a couple was shot to death at the door of their house in Colonia Nicolich (Canelones), in front of his two minor children. A truck, which then the police found on fire, stopped in front of the home and shot the couple25 and 27 years old.

Tuesday May 3 a 30-year-old man was found shot and half burned in Progreso, Canelonesreported La Diario. that day too they killed a 58-year-old man in the Cerro neighborhood, and another 33-year-old man in Belvedere, both shot to death. The fourth homicide that day was committed in Maldonado: a 20-year-old man was found dead in the street with several gunshot wounds in San Carlos.

Monday May 2 the body of a woman who had been missing since April 28 was found in the water, near the Salto Grande dam in Salto. For this fact, a 24-year-old man was charged with femicide.

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