Homes: What should you take into account if you want to buy a flat apartment?

Homes: What should you take into account if you want to buy a flat apartment?

The Mivivienda Fund, an entity attached to the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS), offers some recommendations in case you want to acquire a property that is still in plans and that your purchase is safe.

In this sense, the macro-regional coordinator of the Mivivienda Fund, Luis Gonzales, pointed out that many people are encouraged to buy an apartment that is still in plans, because its price is more comfortable, since it can cost between 10% and 15% less than when the property is finished.

However, he stressed that it is important to be well informed about the real estate developer and the project that interests us.

What should I take into account when purchasing an apartment in plans?

  • I must find out if the project has the backing of a financial institution. To corroborate it, you can resort to the same entity or do a search on its website. Gonzales indicated that a good sign is that there is a representative of the financial entity attending the place where the project is developed.
  • The representative of the Mivivienda Fund stressed that it is important to verify if the project has the permits from the corresponding municipality to start the works.
  • Find out if the real estate developer has delivered homes in previous years, or check if they have any registered violations. For the latter, he indicated, you can use an Indecopi application, called “Look who you buy.”
  • It is advisable that those who have already made the purchase of the property in plans, periodically visit the project to verify how the progress of the works is progressing.

Advantages of acquiring a house in plans

When an apartment under construction is acquired, there is a great advantage regarding price, since this modality represents a saving of up to 15% of the sale price for buyers, unlike when you make a purchase of a premiere space and ready to move in. move out

This monetary advantage will allow you to manage a more accessible real estate credit and with lower installments; In addition, when you find yourself living in your apartment, you may already have advanced part of the cost of your home.

In this sense, if you are not in a hurry to move, the house under construction is a good option, he added.


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