"Historic union to save the Republic"

“Historic union to save the Republic”

Guillermo Ferreiro, president of the Febrerista Revolutionary Party (PRF) and coordinator of the Coalition, analyzed the progress made by the opposition bloc ahead of the next presidential elections to be held on December 18.

He stressed that this union of forces represents a historic event for the country.
The Concertación will be registered today, Monday, June 20, and after the signing, a president must be elected. Ferreira himself would be in charge of carrying out said presidency.

What are your first impressions about the Concertación?
It is a historical fact, which shows us the greatness of all the opposition leaders. Here everyone sees the discussions and fights that take place, but you don’t see the enormous number of concessions that everyone has made to be united. It was understood that the Republic is in danger. We are all very happy and satisfied. This is just beginning, now all the challenges will come to consolidate this, to generate proposals for 15 to 20 years and show a State plan.

When will they sign?
On Monday the Guasu Front will be signing and later the Concertación. We have time until the end of the month, but we don’t want to leave things at the last minute, get ahead of deadlines and save time.

What do you want to do to the country?
We have programmatic axes. Basically, the most important thing is to save the institutions of the Republic that are in danger, to reform those that are needed, to put emphasis on the fight against poverty and the fight against organized crime, which is present in all institutions. We are going to propose a great country pact that will deal with all the points of economy, health, reform of the Judicial Power.

This is a historic event for the country…
It never happened, it’s something new, that’s why it has so many challenges and we’re not afraid of it. We are going to face all the bureaucratic, administrative and legal problems that the Colorado party wants to impose on us because we know that this is the winning formula. Here comes the reform of the country. From now on, drug trafficking will be fought, organized criminal groups will be fought and, above all, decent work for the people.

How was the issue of the open register?
It is defined, but the colorados announce a judicialization. We are going to fight properly. There is a risk, those who innovate take risks, but those who always do the same, take fewer risks. We are not worried about that.

If their complaint prospers, we will see how to solve it. If justice does not allow colorados to vote in our internal elections, we are going to invite them to disaffiliate to vote in the Coalition and then re-affiliate.

Do you believe that a consensus can be reached regarding the presidential badge?
Yes, it is highly likely. The lack of consensus does not scare me either, if you have to go to elections to define the candidates, I do not dislike it either.

William Ferrero.

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