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Hispanic leadership calls in New York to support Dominican for lieutenant governor

NEW YORK.- The president of the Hispanic Clergy Organization of NY, Reverend Rubén Díaz, called on the Hispanic political leadership in the state to decisively support the Dominican Democrat Diana Reyna in her aspirations for lieutenant governor.

The former state senator and former NYC councilman maintained that the Hispanic community has never had a person elected to that position, however, other ethnic groups such as Jewish, Asian, Irish, African-American, and Italian have held the position.

“Reyna could make history by being the first Hispanic, highly prepared, trained and experienced in state and municipal affairs, so that Hispanics can also make history in NY,” she said.

The president of the “Hispanic Clergy Organization”, whose membership includes hundreds of bishops and pastors scattered in the different counties of the city, specified that the Dominican was a councilor for eight years, representing an area in Brooklyn, and also vice president of the same county, when the current mayor Eric Adams was president of the county.

“I am Puerto Rican and I ask Hispanic elected officials, especially Dominicans, to join us on this occasion to support Reyna for the candidacy of lieutenant governor of New York,” said Reverend Diaz.

The religious support for Reyna came during a recent meeting at the “Christian Community Church”, located at 1437 Longfellow Avenue, in the Bronx.

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