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“Hiring Cuban doctors is a trap to finance the dictatorship in Cuba”

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MIAMI, United States.- The Mexican lawyer and politician Ricardo Anaya denounced this Monday, through a video published in his social mediathat the hiring of Cuban doctors announced by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) is a trap to finance the island’s dictatorship with Mexican taxes.

AMLO reported that his government I would contract the services of 500 Cuban doctors last week, upon his return from a tour of Central America that included Cuba.

“Have you already realized the trap with which the government is using your tax money to finance a dictatorship, a repressive government of another country?” Anaya questioned in the video, which lasted just over five minutes.

Anaya criticized the AMLO government for hiring 500 Cuban doctors and for spending “140,000 pesos a month for each of those doctors, when in Mexico there are just over 50,000 doctors who do not have a job, and whose average salary is 20,000 pesos.” ”.

“(The) Cuban medical missions are a front to finance the Cuban dictatorship. The money is not paid to the doctors; That money, which comes from your taxes, is paid directly to the Cuban government,” said the member and former president of the National Action Party (PAN).


Ricardo Anaya recalled that Cuban doctors are threatened by the Havana government so that they do not flee Cuba, since their families must remain on the island while they work in third countries. This practice has been described by the United Nations Organization as modern slavery.

signed collaboration

The hiring of Cuban doctors took place during the visit of the Mexican president to the island on Mother’s Day weekend, when the authorities of both countries signed an agreement on health.

“During this visit we have signed a declaration that consolidates a new stage in the bilateral relationship between Mexico and Cuba. Our Health ministers published a cooperation agreement that makes it easier to take advantage of all the health and scientific potentialities of joint efforts and wills that our countries can develop in the field of health for the benefit of our peoples in this noble area,” said Miguel Díaz. -Canel at the conclusion of the official acts of the Mexican president’s working visit.

Jose Marti Order

Anaya also criticized the delivery of the Jose Marti medal to López Obrador during his visit to Cuba, and recalled that the Castro regime has granted this recognition to characters such as: “Hugo Chávez who destroyed Venezuela; his pupil Nicolás Maduro; Just a few years ago, it was given to none other than Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator who invaded Ukraine, unleashing a terrible war, which is not over yet.”

The José Martí order of Cuba has been delivered to several leaders worldwide, and the list includes names such as Nicolae Ceaușescu, Saddam Hussein, Kim Il-sung, Robert Mugabe, Aleksandr Lukashenko, among others.

AMLO, Diaz-Canel
Miguel Díaz-Canel imposed the José Martí Order on AMLO (Photo: Prensa Latina)

Summit of the Americas

Finally, the Mexican politician criticized AMLO’s position regarding the Summit of the Americas, to be held next month in the United States.

The Aztec leader announced, also last week upon returning from his official visit to the island, that he would not attend the conclave if the authoritarian regimes of Cuba were not invited, to Nicaragua and Venezuela.

“Does it really make sense to put Mexico in a conflict with the United States to defend these three? To Daniel Ortega, from Nicaragua, who put 5 candidates and more than 100 opponents in jail in order to be re-elected? To Maduro? To the Cuban dictatorship?” he questioned.

“We sell 81% of everything we export to the United States. There live 37 million countrymen. Those heroes who send more than 51 billion dollars to support their families in Mexico. Are we seriously going to fight with the United States to defend three dictators?” Anaya added.

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