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Highline wins auction and buys Oi’s fixed telephony towers

Judge Fernando Viana, of the 7th Business Court of Rio, approved, in an auction held this Monday (22), the purchase of 8,000 fixed telephony towers from the operator Oi. The winner was the company NK 108 Empreendimentos e Participações SA, an affiliate of Highline Brasil.Highline wins auction and buys Oi's fixed telephony towers

The purchase price, R$ 1.697 billion, had been offered in a binding public proposal that had been added to the judicial reorganization process, since the envelopes presented at the auction by the companies American Tower and IMS Brasil did not contain any proposal.

The sale of the towers, aggregated in a special purpose company called “SPE Torres 2”, is part of the operator’s judicial recovery process.

After manifestations in favor of the approval of the proposal for NK 108, by the Trustee, represented at the hearing by lawyers Adriana Conrado Zamponi and Igor Garbois Fernandes Ribeiro and prosecutor Leonardo Araújo Marques, by the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro, judge Fernando Viana decided to approve

Judicial recovery

According to the Court of Justice of Rio, the operator Oi entered into judicial reorganization in 2016, after accumulating gross debt of R$ 64 billion with 55 thousand creditors.

In December 2020, a consortium formed by the companies Vivo, Claro and Tim presented a proposal to take over the mobile telephony operation of Oi. In July of this year, the 7th Business Court of Rio de Janeiro issued the auction letter that consolidates the sale of Oi’s mobile network to the consortium.

The process also involves the sale of other assets, such as the operator’s properties and the division of Oi specialized in optical fiber.

* Matter changed to update information.

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