High rice production provides conditions for export

The rice leader of the Northwest Line Ivan Uncle said that due to “good” agricultural policy implemented by the Government, this sector has recovered significantly, to the point of affirming that the country is capable of exporting the product.

“We are in a position to export rice because we have an inventory that allows us to reach March and April of next year, since we have two million quintals,” he said. He highlighted the quality of the cereal and the stability of the price in the market.

“When the countryside is supported, the countryside responds,” said Iván Tio, who valued the great support provided by the president Louis Abinader to the national agricultural sector.

He said that due to the president’s vision and strong support for the Dominican countryside, today the country has no food concerns.

High rice production provides conditions for export
Ivan Uncle

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Also president of the Valverde Rice Cooperative (Copava) and former president of the National Federation of Rice Producers (Fenarroz)stated that the supply of rice and other items offers peace of mind to the government, the country and all Dominicans.

Iván Tio said that while the world is scandalized by the famine it could suffer, the Dominican Republic has planted the field, so today it enjoys a large rice productionas a main dish at the Dominican table.

He thanked the subsidy granted by the Government of President Abinader to national producers to face the high prices of inputs and thus be able to guarantee harvests. He trusted that the president will continue to support the countryside as he has been doing since he took office two years ago.

Tio considered that the government is taking the necessary measures to continue supporting the productive sectors.

He explained that rice is guaranteed at the Dominican table with stable prices.

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