Hierarchs of the Foreign Ministry are called to silence and await the interpellation

Hierarchs of the Foreign Ministry are called to silence and await the interpellation

In the midst of back and forth, and various versions about the intervention and/or participation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the case of drug trafficker Sebastián Marset, President Luis Lacalle Pou met yesterday afternoon with Minister Francisco Bustillo and with Vice Chancellor Carolina Ache Batlle.

After 3:00 p.m., and in the first place, the one who arrived to meet with the president was Carolina Ache Batlle. The hierarch did not want to speak to the media, neither when she arrived nor when she left. She only responded to the journalists present in the place that she will attend the interpellation of Minister Francisco Bustillo, next Monday 22.

Asked if he reaffirmed what he posted on his Twitter social network account, he answered yes, but insisted on not speaking to the media.

For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Francisco Delgado, met with the president in his office, but when he left the Executive Tower, and like Carolina Ache Batlle, he did not make any statements to the press.

For his part, and in line with the issue, the senator of the Broad Front, Daniel Caggiani, expressed himself on this matter on his Twitter account. “I cannot understand how the President of the Republic, who sometimes fires ministers on Twitter, did not make any statement about the Marset passport scandal, nor how he did not ask ministers Heber and Bustillo to resign. Getting worse.”

Marset breaks the silence: “Everyone speaks because they have a language”

Drug trafficker Sebastián Enrique Marset Cabrera, who was imprisoned in Dubai for possessing a false Paraguayan passport and is today a fugitive, communicated by telephone with journalists from Telenoche 4, from a number that, due to its characteristics, may be located in South Africa,

The narco leader was linked to the criminal world and has a record since 2012. He is designated as the ideologue of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci’s crime. His name also circulates as a result of a Uruguayan passport that came to him through procedures carried out in Uruguay. In the report issued by the newscast, it is explained that he not only spoke by telephone with members of the journalistic team of that medium, but also sent some 10 videos with statements about his situation, what is said in Paraguay and what the Colombian president said, who blamed him for the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci.

In one of the films, Marset expresses that in the whole case, the lawyer Alejandro Balbi is not related. “They also have nothing to do with Alejandro Balbi. He is a lawyer. They don’t even respect that. He did his job, and just as they talk about him, they include presidents Horacio Cartes, Mario Abdo, Lacalle (Pou), and everything seems to me that they went to the political issue, and the problems they have between politicians I have nothing what to see”.

He added that “in everything they put into me, they put my wife (wife), who has nothing to do with my things. Nor does it have to do as they say there, with money laundering, companies in her name. She created a company, yes, but the company was never used, and the company was created with US$300 I think, and when they speak they say that the company had a capital of I don’t know how many millions”. In addition, she said that “everyone speaks because they have a tongue.”

In the presentation of the note, the news also released an image of the passport that Marset has in his possession. Although the photograph was covered up, it has the information that the passport was issued on October 28, 2021, and with an expiration date of October 28, 2031. Channel 4 contacted sources from the Foreign Ministry, who confirmed that the passport was issued on that date.

Another significant detail in the passport is that it has a stamp and a signature that confirms that it was authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is the case when the person receiving the passport is abroad, and was not present to obtain the passport in person.

In another of the videos sent, he stated: “they have no proof of anything they say. There, as you can see, in my passport, they threw dates from everywhere. They did not hit him in any of them. They are shooting like this to see if they can pocket something, but they haven’t pocketed anything. If they play the 5 de Oro or the lottery, they are not going to pocket any number either”.

Finally, in a pleading tone, he said: “Stop talking about people so much. They don’t respect anything. I don’t know how much they earn with everything they do, for appearing on television”. Then he added: “it’s a little awkward for me. A little enough. I ask you to please end this. If you have proof of something, talk quietly, but you have no proof of anything you say. They don’t even know what date I was released and when they gave me my passport. Nothing, nothing, nothing”.

Marset stressed that “they talk, talk and talk. They don’t get tired of talking. In all countries, on all networks, on all channels. They have me rotten”. Until now, and after she transcended the subject, this has been Marset’s first and only appearance before a Uruguayan media outlet.

A decade in the world of crime

Sebastian Marset He has been linked to different crimes in Uruguay since 2012, although he began to be under scrutiny in recent years, for his participation in the world of crime. drug trafficking. Since that year, he began to accumulate a criminal record for reception, possession of narcotics, drug trafficking and homicide. The latter was the one that led him to move away from Uruguay, and disembark in 2019 in Paraguay, where he began to move in the drug world and managed to create his own criminal structure, which would lead him to be the ringleader of the so-called PCU: First Uruguayan Command. .

From there, he operated and is believed to have trafficked thousands of kilos of cocaine to Europe and the United States, according to investigations by the Paraguayan Anti-Drug Secretariat.

From that position, Marset led different events that shook several countries in the region, including Colombia, when two armed men arrived on a beach in Cartagena and murdered the Paraguayan Narcotics Prosecutor, Marcelo Pecci. Precisely, this prosecutor was part of the largest operation against drug trafficking in Paraguay: “A Ultranza Py”.

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