Hidroituango: more difficulties are added for its start-up

Hidroituango’s first turbine was successfully synchronized, what’s next?

Through a video, the manager of EPM, Jorge Andrés Carrillo, reported that the first unit of the Hidroituango project was successfully synchronized on the night of this Saturday, November 26.

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The unit was enrolled in tests and its behavior was monitored for 30 minutes. The data was taken and the information that must be sent to the regulatory entities of the Colombian electricity sector was detailed so that they proceed to leave it registered as a machine capable of generating energy“Carrillo said.

The EMP manager added that circulation was required to carry out the tests. by the machine a quantity of water between 15 and 169 cubic meters per second, and that there was “no alteration that puts both the personnel working on the project and the communities downstream of the project at risk.

In addition, he assured that the unit is not yet in commercial operation, since it still needs to pass the most demanding test called “synchronization with load rejection at maximum power“.

“In simple terms, it consists of loading the machine little by little until it reaches 300 megabatts, which is its capacity with 169 cubic meters of water per second from the reservoir,” explained Carrillo.

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However, he stressed that this test can only be done cWhen an agreement is reached with the communities and the authorities located downstream of the project as to the date and conditions of its completion.

It is the proof with which the preventive occasion requirement ordered in resolution 1056 of the National Disaster Risk Management Unit is met.“, he added.

Secondly, the mayor of Medellin Daniel Quintero described this event as “historic” and assured the following in a trill: “Around 9:47 p.m. today, November 26, 2022, the first Hidroituango unit successfully and safely synchronized with the national power system. Unit one is ready for when you want to start commercial operation”.

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It is expected that between next Tuesday and Wednesday the same test will be carried out with unit 2.”This is how this week all efforts will continue aimed at a safe entry of Hidroituango”Carrillo pointed out.


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