Hidrocapital repairs drinking water faults in Vista Alegre

The Hydrology of the Capital Region CA (Hydrocapital) repaired two drinking water faults in the Vista Alegre sector, located in the El Paraíso parish of the Libertador municipality of Caracas, after a report by the community through the VenApp application.

The objective is to give an immediate response to the people, an initiative that is part of the 1×10 Plan for Good Government, carried out by the Hidrocapital crew.

In this sense, on Uslar Avenue and Calle 1, work was carried out at the ticket office to replace and place a stopcock that was obstructed. In addition, 50 centimeters of 16-millimeter HDPE pipe with a 16-millimeter quick joint were installed on Calle A 4, thus solving the problem in said community.

In this way, Hidrocapital continues to implement the Map of Solutions and the Concrete Action Agenda of the People’s Power to strengthen the National Water System.

Source: MinAguas Press


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