"Hey, it's dangerous for them to throw those gases here": Karol G got angry with the Police for throwing pepper spray and left the stage

“Hey, it’s dangerous for them to throw those gases here”: Karol G got angry with the Police for throwing pepper spray and left the stage

Karol G in concert in Guayaquil.

Attendees at the concert in Guayaquil complained about an alleged poor organization of the event.

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Karol G was in concert last night in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, where there was a full house at the Voltaire Paladines Polo Coliseum.

When the interpreter sang her success “Mommy” had to take a break on stage as a strong smell of pepper spray bothered both the audience and the ‘The Bichota’.

The gas thrown by policemen who tried to control excesses outside the coliseum was so strong that the Colombian made a loudspeaker call to the authorities.

“Hey, I have to say to the Police that I am the first to worry about health and I don’t know what is happening, we are in a closed place and it is dangerous for you to throw these gases here,” the paisa warned through the microphone.

Immediately afterwards, Karol G left the stage for safety and to protect his physical integrity. Meanwhile, the spectators began to throw insults against the Police.

Many attendees left the coliseum after the artist went straight to the dressing rooms. Others waited nearly 30 minutes in the hope that “La Bichota” would reappear on the scene.

And so this time was spent, Karol G returned to delight her audience with songs like “Don’t Be Shy”, “Tusa”, “200 Cups”; among other hits.

Finally, the number one urban artist of the moment was able to finish her show and despite the fact that the fans were upset by the gases, they left happy to see their favorite artist up close.

In social networks, other followers of the Antioquian complained about the poor organization of the event since many wanted to sneak in causing disorders at the entrances to the coliseum.

“It has been the worst concert I have ever attended in my life because of the organization,” said a Tik Tok user who recounted her experience.

First, the lines were very long, as they usually are in this type of concert by an important artist. However, she emphasized that in the access filters, which were three, the delay was worrying.

@pamestefanyg #greenscreen AWFUL ORGANIZATION OF THE CONCERT BY KAROL G. PART 2 #Guayaquil #Ecuador #Karolg ♬ original sound – Pamela Guaycha

In turn, as a result of the excesses outside, they had to stop the entry of spectators who had even paid their ticket.

@pamestefanyg Karol G concert the worst organization PART 1 #guayaquil #Ecuador #karolG ♬ original sound – Pamela Guaycha

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