Herrerismo continues to trust and support Penadés. What is the fate of the group and the senator?

Gustavo Penadés with Laura Raffo in an archive photograph.
Gustavo Penadés with Laura Raffo in an archive photograph.

Between the endorsement of Laura Raffo’s presidential candidacy, and the juggling to continue publicly and politically supporting the nationalist senator, Gustavo Penadés, Herrerismo is looking for a way to move forward and enter into campaign mode, at a time when all the polls predict that the Broad Front would win widely.

Under the hashtag “More United Than Never”, List 71 shared images of the event held in Montevideo on Tuesday night. This meeting marked the beginning of the territorial work that the sector will carry out in the capital, with a view to the internal elections of 2024. The process will begin on June 5 with the first neighborhood assemblies that will take place in the different municipalities of Montevideo.

It should be noted that, on this occasion, the event was delayed due to the pension reform discussionwaiting for Laura Raffo’s resignation from the Montevideo departmental office and the Penadés case.

During the instance, the three legislators of the sector intervened, Juan Rodríguez, Daniel Martínez and Gloria Rodríguez, as well as the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber. The message transmitted was one of trust and support for Penadés. In their speeches, they stressed that it is a “collective project” and that the “list goes ahead” despite the uproar caused by the judicial investigation into the main leader of the sector in the capital. At the national level, after the explosion of this case, the sector established a political command to deal with the situation.

Herrerismo continues to support Penadés and they believe he is “innocent”

“The issue of the Penadés case is always present. He is a great friend and partner for many years. He is a political leader and there is a very important affection ”, expressed the deputy of the sector, Juan Martín Rodríguez, to The Observer. He added that he is “convinced of his innocence” and trusts in Justice.

“There is total backing and support for the partner, and his leadership is out of the question”, affirmed the deputy Martínez. Although they recognize that each militant processes the case in his own way, the sector expressed its support for the senator, who is one of the main political operators of the government in Parliament.

Penadés, while he is being investigated by the Justice and a license was requested in the Senate and he has not been seen in public or in political activities in recent weeks. It will appear before the Prosecutor’s Office this Thursday due to at least seven complaints against him for sexual abuse.

As to Laura Raffowho was cautious in her statements about the senator’s case and stated that she “trusted Justice”, was not present at the event on Tuesday, which was attended by about 150 people between leaders and militants.

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