Hernández: “In 15 years we have not seen changes in San Miguelito”

Angel Valdes | May 31, 2023

The pre-candidate for the free nomination for mayor of San Miguelito, Irma Hernández, was in the booth of Radio Panama where she spoke about the collection of signatures, the problems that afflict the district in different services, the issue of decentralization and her proposals for improve the quality of life of the inhabitants.

«The number one problem that they point out to us is garbage, we have a project to combat this problem, but there is a part and a part, a part of the company Revisalud and the other part less worked by citizen awareness, a contingency plan must be made with more personnel, more trucks, more frequency to collect the garbage, because the municipal administration until today has not been able to collect the garbage”, said Hernández.

On whether San Miguelito has made progress in recent years, for Hernández things remain the same or worse than in previous years «I ask all the people in the San Miguelito district, in the 15 years that he has had in the In the Mayor’s Office of San Miguelito (Carrasquilla) we have seen improvements in the sidewalks, we have seen a municipal market, a public space that has improved, if in 15 years we have not seen changes, what do we hope for in 5 more years?

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