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Hernán González G.: Learning to die

Hernan Gonzalez G.


Or is it just a matter of attitude? as the commonplace says about old age, but also a number of circumstances that will determine, above the invoked free will, the personal -and family- way of facing old age as the last enemy of the warrior, of whom he possesses intimate knowledge and acceptance of his death.

Old age as a law of life and a formidable adversary that we cannot defeat, although in theory we must continue fighting each of our battles as if it were our last on Earth and die as an impeccable warrior, according to Carlos Castaneda and his valuable dialogues. with Don Juan.

As the only sentient being aware that he feels and that he has to die, the human being must face a serious battle with his aging, understood as the advancement of his chronological age, the accumulation of years and, most paradoxically, the accumulation of feeling, thinking and doing throughout that existence, sustained more than alert lucidity in an excess of clumsy ego, in a lost personal importance.

This personal importance, on the thin border between well-understood self-esteem and a permanent hindrance that weakens by overvaluing what we give priority to, even if it does not have it, is accentuated with age, justifying our feeling offended and angry with something, with someone or both. A staunch enemy of the human being, maintaining this misunderstood importance forces us to waste most of our energy in a childish concern to be admired, loved and approved, in a disguised self-pity that props up an illusory idea of ​​greatness.

Illusory self-esteem with which we spend our lives believing that we believe, prevents us from developing awareness strategies to understand that death is our counselor and life is the process by which death challenges us. This is why old age becomes the last obstacle in the path of knowledge. If the human being manages to shake off his apathy and fatigue, reviews beliefs and reinforces convictions based on self-awareness and that death is always here with us, not as a threat but as a faithful adviser, old age becomes an ally that allows Erase our personal history, finally take responsibility for ourselves and accept death as a truly wise advisor, Don Juan said, among other things.

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