Henry Vaca and a furious celebration for Oriente's 3-0 win over Tomayapo

Henry Vaca and a furious celebration for Oriente’s 3-0 win over Tomayapo

August 14, 2022, 9:39 PM

August 14, 2022, 9:39 PM

Oriente Petrolero collided with the always complicated Real Tomayapo, and ended up breaking Tarijeña’s will with great performances. Those directed by Erwin ‘Platiní’ Sánchez they won and remain in the top five table of the Closing.

The refiner dominated the first half. He sought to break the zero for all sectors, especially the left. The first 45 minutes were a good presentation of almost the entire local offensive front.

Quick transitions with Franz Gonzáles, clarity in Correa, daring and mischief with Zeballos and Henry Vaca, and above all the weight of Facundo Suárez in the center of the front. The albiverdes prowled the visitor who showed great order, but succumbed to a genius.

Henry Vaca, who in the previous days had been questioned about his personal life by some fans, dominated the ball from the right, and in an absolute genius, he took three men off him, with Zidane’s roulette included, to then take the left foot to the far post.

GO-LA-ZO that the ‘prodigal son’ was sent for which Oriente fought The Strongest so much.

The celebration was a summary of the moment between Henry and some fans who criticized him for non-football issues. “Speak now!” exclaimed the good attacker who hadn’t shown a level like this since his return.

In the second half, Oriente tried to control the development of the match, but Tomayapo was brave and courageous. What’s more, he had more hope after the expulsion of Carlos Roca for a double warning.

Oriente widened the difference to 84. Hugo Dorrego took a dangerous free kick, Rodrigo Banegas half cleared, and Ronaldo Sánchez defined without opposition behind the center of a teammate.

Two minutes later, Alexis Ribera scored the 3-0 consummating the win. Oriente was lethal in a counterattack and the party was present with a bulky difference.

Oriente Petrolero celebrated this great victory and awaits next Saturday’s match against Bolívar in La Paz. In the event that the Cruceños defeat the La Paz academy, they could overcome the Celestes and settle behind Always Ready and The Strongest. It remains to wait.

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