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Henry Borel case: justice hears experts on boy’s death

Experts were heard, this Wednesday (1st), at an instruction hearing on the case of the death of the boy Henry Borel. Held in the plenary of the 2nd Jury Court and chaired by Judge Elizabeth Machado Louro, the hearing lasted more than 12 hours and was attended by the forensic expert from the Legal Medical Institute (IML) Leonardo Huber Tauil, in addition to the technical assistant expert Sami El Jundi, hired by the lawyers of former councilor Jairo Souza Santos Júnior, Dr. Jairinho.Henry Borel case: justice hears experts on boy's death

The IML expert maintained that the main hypothesis for Henry’s death is aggression suffered by the boy and he ruled out that this could have occurred due to resuscitation maneuvers. According to him, it is difficult to say that the injuries are compatible with a fall from the bed, which could have damaged the boy’s liver.

“The abdominal trauma was high-energy. In child abuse books, low falls are difficult to cause these injuries. I contend that the abdominal trauma was high-energy, incompatible with falling out of bed,” Tauil said.

Doctor Sami stated that his main hypothesis is that there was a medical error at the Barra D’Or Hospital, where Henry was taken by his mother, Monique Medeiros, and his stepfather, possibly due to incorrect cardiac massage. He also maintained that the autopsy performed on the boy’s body was faulty, of poor quality, performed by the IML expert.

“All the injuries are compatible with the events narrated by the mother and stepfather. I didn’t find anything contrary to that narrative,” Sami said, noting that she found no signs of torture or chronic mistreatment in Henry.

The boy died on March 8, 2021 in an apartment in Barra da Tijuca, where he lived with his mother and stepfather. The IML’s autopsy report showed that he suffered 23 wounds on his body. The cause of death would have been internal bleeding and liver laceration. The child suffered hemorrhagic head injuries, nose injuries, bruising to the wrist and abdomen, bruising to the kidney and lungs, as well as internal bleeding and a ruptured liver.

On June 13, Jairinho will be interrogated again. Monique was released at the request of her defense. Judge Elizabeth Louro will decide whether they go to the popular jury.

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