Héctor Hernández, El Cargalotodo

Héctor Hernández, the man who carries everything

MIAMI, United States. – In HummockIn Ciego de Ávila, Cuban Héctor Hernández has earned the nickname “El Cargalotodo” for his obsession with carrying dozens of objects that he believes he has to take care of.

The story of Hernández, widely known in Morón, went viral when journalist Leonel Iparraguirre González shared his photos on Facebook, with a post that describes the day to day of the unique character.

“Locating him has not been easy. Despite his heavy and uncomfortable load, his constant walk is daily through any part of the city of Morón; for the North, the South, the East or the West, who knows what their course is”, wrote Iparraguirre.

“This is the case of an incongruous person who says his name is Héctor Hernández, but who was born many years ago in various countries. To help him in his memory I rectified ‘in Cuba?’ and he answered me: ‘I already told you that in several countries, but that I only know this one’ ”.

Héctor Hernández, El Cargalotodo (Photo: Leonel Iparraguirre González/FB)

According to Iparraguirre in Morón Hernández “it is well identified by its linked load of plastic knobs, jugs of all sizes, large, small and medium, plates and many other objects attached to their arms, legs, even their fingers.”

“Sometimes I exhaust myself from carrying this load, but they are things that I have to take care of, that is the duty that they have assigned me,” El Cargalotodo told the journalist.

According to the chronicler, “because of his generosity, good character, and passivity,” Hernández “has earned the love and kindness of many families who provide him with breakfast, milk, and other food.”

“Hector assures that he worked for four years in Cayo Coco planting and cleaning bushes, but he decided to leave those jobs,” he specifies.

Héctor Hernández, The Cargalotodo
Héctor Hernández, El Cargalotodo (Photo: Leonel Iparraguirre González/FB)

“He asks my permission to eat some milk that a neighbor brings him when he sees him walking down the block. At the end he tells me: ‘I’m fine, although I’m allergic to many things, like pumpkin, okra, alcohol; and bugs like cockroaches and mice give me a fever of up to 38 degrees…’”.

“This is how incongruous Héctor Hernández is, a person who, due to his characteristics, is not rejected by society; on the contrary, he loves, respects and helps him. He is happy in his world, ”Iparraguirre assured.

The journalist also indicated that Hernández is a patient with paranoid schizophrenia and that, according to people who know him, he studied at the Pedagogical Institute until he fell ill and had to abandon his career.

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