Heber said he was "outraged" by the delivery of the passport and "surprised" by the videos of the drug trafficker Marset

Heber said he was “outraged” by the delivery of the passport and “surprised” by the videos of the drug trafficker Marset

Heber, along with Foreign Minister Francisco Bustillo, will be questioned next Monday. The call to court, promoted by the Broad Front (FA), was approved by 28 votes in 29 senators present. The questioning member will be Senator Mario Bergara, from the Fuerza Renovadora sector. The day before, one of the first and main questions that Heber received was what he thought about the passport that the drug trafficker received. In this regard he pointed out: «How can I not be outraged. It is the outrage of the whole world, of all of Uruguay,” said Heber, who linked the issue to the previous administration.

«I was also outraged with 2014 when it was ultimately covered by legislation that I do not understand why it was not changed. Before, background information in the country and background information abroad were requested, especially in the country where it was being requested, and in this sense, what we are going to do is try to discuss to find out what modifications we have to make to the current decree that we already have our opinion”, said the minister.

About the videos of Marset, which Telenoche disclosed, he acknowledged that he saw them, and expressed being “surprised” by that material: “I am always surprised that a drug trafficker speaks on networks.” He consulted if he is investigating the videos, he replied: “Yes, of course.”

Heber preferred not to go into detail about the interpellation on Monday 22, which will be in charge of Senator Mario Bergara (see separate note), and added that in the presentation in Parliament “it will be shown that the delivery of the passport was not a situation express”.

In line with the issue, the Secretary of State recognized that Uruguay is in a bad position before the world for the delivery of the passport. «It is badly stopped by who ultimately drafted a decree that does not give us sufficient guarantee to grant passports abroad. We have to do an investigation within the country if there is a record and we should have the obligation to request a record abroad to grant a passport,” said Heber. And he added: “Whoever drafted that decree is the one who ultimately leaves the country in a bad light because he is granted a passport without knowing if the person he is receiving committed crimes abroad.”

“In 2014 the decree was drafted. I cannot be held responsible for applying what they themselves wrote. If they wrote and I have to comply, for complying with what they wrote I am questioned? It is brave », he maintained. “It is rare that we are questioned because we comply with the law. Generally they question because the law or decrees are not complied with. Now, who wrote, if he wrote badly, take responsibility ».

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