Heber described the murder of children at the hands of his father as “appalling”

The Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, referred to the murder of two children on their father’s side happened this Tuesday. In this regard, the hierarch described these events as “terrifying”.

«It is a horror. We really thought that this would not happen here and it has moved not only the Police, but the entire country,” said the hierarch.

«I do not put myself in the shoes of the agents who had to enter the place and see that scene, just imagining ourselves leaves us speechless; Unfortunately it happened.”

“I had no complaint, nothing, no domestic violence was reported, nothing. Details and investigations are lacking, but as far as we know there is no explanation of the subject, “Heber concluded.

The facts

The double homicide occurred in an apartment located in the surroundings of Calle Soriano and Ejido, in the center of the capital city. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the deceased were 8 and 9 years old.

After killing the minors, the murderer tried to take his own life by cutting his neck. However, at the time the police arrived at the scene of the events, the subject was still alive, so he received transfer and medical assistance and his death was prevented.

According to police sources, the murderer took the life of his eldest son and his daughter, the youngest. After not being able to kill himself, he made a call to the 9-1-1 Emergency service where he indicated that he had just killed his children. Later, the cash would arrive at the site and they would provide him with medical help when they noticed that he self-inflicted cuts with a knife.

At the time that the authorities entered the house there was no one else in it, except for the man and the bodies of his children.

The Police cordoned off the area and around 1:00 p.m. they removed the bodies of the minors. It is still unknown what were the reasons that led the subject to commit actions of such caliber.

According to what was reported by Telemundo, the man was in charge of caring for the children after separating from their mother. The break in the relationship between the murderer of the victims would have occurred about a week ago.

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