Heber agrees with Manini Ríos that the wave of homicides is “unacceptable”

Heber agrees with Manini Ríos that the wave of homicides is “unacceptable”

Photo: Ministry of the Interior
Photo: Ministry of the Interior

The Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, told the press on Tuesday that he shares the statements of the senator of Cabildo Abierto, Guido Manini Ríos, who criticized the wave of murders that has been taking place in recent weeks and described it as “unacceptable” .

“Manini did not speak of insecurity, he spoke of the homicides. This situation, I agree with him, we do not accept it and we fight so that it does not happen”, Heber told the journalists after the inauguration of a new police headquarters in the town of Pando, in Canelones.

In his opinion, a large part of these homicides “are the product of territorial disputes” between drug traffickers and that, from his portfolio, “this situation cannot be foreseen because we do not have enough prior information to try to avoid this type of homicide.”

He added that security in Uruguay “is not just an issue for the Ministry of the Interior” and that he believes that efforts should be coordinated with other ministries.

Highlighting the achievements

The head of Public Security recalled that “theft and cattle rustling have decreased”, apart from the increase in murders that has been reported in recent months. And he added: “To the crimes that were committed to buy drugs and that grew at the same time as drug trafficking grew, we have dealt a big blow.”

He concluded by assuring that they have as a priority “the safety of people who walk on the street and who are not linked to crime”, but who are involved in these disputes between drug traffickers.

Heber agrees with Manini Ríos that the wave of homicides is “unacceptable”

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