Hearing of accused of killing teenager in Moca postponed

Hearing of accused of killing teenager in Moca postponed

The coercion measure hearing against the woman accused of shooting a woman to death was postponed to Wednesday, July 13. teenager in MochaEspaillat province in August 2021.

The postponement was granted by the Court of Permanent Attention of the Judicial District of Espaillat, at the request of the defendant’s defenseAnny Roelitza Mercedes Michel, alias “La Berrocal”to be able to learn more about the accusatory file and to present roots or budgets.

According to the accusation of the Public Ministry, the accused shot dead without saying a word Nathaly Michel Fermín Javier, about 17 years oldin an event that occurred on the day August 5, 2021, in the Quijá Quieta sector of the Moca municipality.

After committing the crime, the aggressor fled the scene in a black stepla in the company of another woman, and since that date the accused had been fleeing from justice. She turned herself in to authorities last Thursday, and she is pregnant.

The head prosecutor of the Espaillat province, Lic. Yorelvis Rivas, said that the only measure that guarantees that the accused will appear before justice is preventive detention and that is what the Public Ministry and the plaintiff will request on Wednesday before the Permanent Attention judge. .

“The danger of flight is presumed, so that the only way she can appear before the judge is preventive detention, after committing the act she lasted 11 months on the run,” said the prosecutor.

Relatives and friends of the victim were demonstrating outside the Palace of Justice in Moca, with banners and shouting slogans asking for justice for Nathaly.

“We believe in justice, we believe in the prosecution, justice will be done. She, after being a lesbian, now comes to say that she is pregnant, so that the penalty is less, but we will not lose heart in demanding the full weight of justice for her” Said an aunt of the victim.

“An 11-month-old orphan child was left by Nathaly because that murderer killed her, and now she walks around with a piece of paper saying she’s crazy,” said another relative of the deceased.

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