Hearing for the presentation of the PDVSA-Crypto case begins

Hearing for the presentation of the PDVSA-Crypto case begins

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek Wiliam Saab, announced through a video posted on his social network Twitter, the start of the hearing for the presentation of the 19 people accused of corruption in the PDVSA-Crypto case.

#STARTS… audience of #imputation of [email protected] [email protected] by the plots of #corruption involving officials from PDVSA, Sunacrip, Judges and businessmen: The Public Ministry #WILL REQUEST FOR [email protected] PRIVATION OF LIBERTY #MaximumJustice“, reads the post.

In the images you can identify the detainees in orange suits and handcuffed entering the Sebin Aeronautical Operations Coordination building where a court was set up where they will be charged by the 2nd Control Judge against corruption and terrorism, Carlos Liendo, accompanied by prosecutors 50 and 67 with national competence, in addition to Public Defense officials.

The detainees were heavily guarded by members of the anti-corruption police. Among the 19 detainees presented, the following stand out:

  • Antonio José Pérez Suárez, Vice President of Commerce and Supply of PDVSA and head of the corruption structure
  • Joselit de La Trinidad Ramirez Camacho, National Superintendent of Crypto Assets and crypto financial operator
  • Hugbel Rafael Roa Carucciformer deputy of the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

The crimes that these detainees will be accused of are: appropriation or distraction of public property, boasting or use of relationships or influences, money laundering and association, as reported on Saturday the prosecutor saab and noted that public officials for corruption in PDVSA will additionally be charged with the crime of Treason against the Homeland.

Only one woman stands out in the group, Johana Torres, right-hand man of former deputy Hugbel Roa, accused of allegedly legitimizing capital, among other crimes.

Among the detainees are 9 public officials, 10 businessmen and a former deputy. Likewise, for crimes of corruption, 3 judges will be charged with imprisonment.

Such is the case of Cristóbal Cornielles, president of the Criminal Judicial Circuit of Caracas and the fourth control judge with competence in cases related to crimes of terrorism, and José Maximino Márquez García, who, according to what prosecutor Saab explained on Saturday, agreed to grant a measure protect Pelón Cheremos, a member of the Tren del Llano.

Likewise, the judge of Falcón, Yorvis Bracho Gómez, who at the time of holding a special third-party hearing, agreed to the delivery of four vehicles, “which were the subject of a precautionary measure of seizure requested at the time by the Public Ministry.” as revealed by Saab.

Saab: I will not advance lawsuits on PDVSA

Earlier, the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek Wiliam Saab, reported that the investigations are being deepened and searches and seizures are being carried out after the corruption plot generated in PDVSA.

The prosecutor preferred not to advance conclusions about those responsible for the corruption plot that led to an in-depth investigation in the oil industry.

In statements offered to a Colombian foreign media, Saab emphasized that “We are still in the first phase of the investigation, the closure of the first phase because today (yesterday) all these people (25 detainees) businessmen and state officials.

“I would not want, being as I have been hermetic in what touches me, anticipate the events that are in full swing,” he said.

Likewise, the senior official left open the possibility that, when they are presented, some of the defendants offer important information for the investigation.

“The presentation hearing could become a denunciation hearing and we will see there,” the prosecutor told the W Radio station.

In the interview, the senior official commented that the people who have been charged so far committed serious crimes against the nation.

“Not only did they launder money, they seized hundreds of vehicles, half a dozen latest-model planes, buildings. We are facing a type of crime that launders ill-gotten money as drug trafficking has done, now corruption does,” he stressed.

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