Health will disburse US$ 7 million to pay compensation to doctors

Emma Martini, director of Human Resources of the Ministry of Health, reported that the demonstration of doctors began yesterday, Tuesday. And they demand the collection of the salary of the personnel hired by contingency and the payment of the compensation to the doctors. The compensation refers to doctors who work more than 12 hours within the ministry.

“We made a commitment to pay compensation since January. It was established in the PGN 2022, and subject to budget appropriations. That is why now they are just being regularized. They will be charging tomorrow. The disbursement of the financing was made and they would start charging from tomorrow (on Thursday) ”, he commented.

In total, the health portfolio will disburse around US$7 million to pay 3,700 medical professionals. 13.5 million for each of the 3,700 doctors to be compensated). These are unpaid compensations between January and September.

“We have 70 services that have already reduced their hourly loads. The rest is what these 3,700 doctors make up. The inconvenience they expressed is due to the delay in payments”, he stated.

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