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The extraction of breast milk allows to maintain or increase its production, relieve pain when the breasts are very loaded (engorgement, congestion and obstruction) and prevent infection (mastitis).

Continue to feed the baby when separated from the mother due to hospitalization of the baby, work outside the home or other activities of the mother, and donate the surplus to a Human Milk Bank.

To acquire training in the technique, storage and administration of breast milk, you should start expressing at least fifteen days before.

Expressing milk should be done as often as the baby is breastfed.

Milk can be expressed manually or with a pump. Manual extraction is recommended, this procedure is easy, painless and hygienic. In addition, it allows you to control the pressure exerted on the breasts.

What is needed for extraction?

– A clean, sterile, wide-mouth, food-safe, BPA-free glass or hard plastic container with a plastic lid.

– Labels for the containers (name and surname, date and time of extraction).

– Clean breast pump. For use and cleaning, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

– Do not use an extractor with a plastic bulb (cornet) because it is not cleaned properly and the milk can be contaminated.

Important for extraction

– Keep nails short, clean and without nail polish, to avoid the colonization of germs.

– Do not have accessories on, such as watches, rings, bracelets, as well as cell phones.

– Carry out the extraction with the hair collected.

– Wash hands with soap and water, dry them with a disposable paper towel, before and after extractions.

– It is not necessary to wash the nipple before or after each extraction, daily bathing is enough.

– Use a mask during extraction in case of cough, flu or cold.

Breastfeeding is the foundation of life and contributes to short- and long-term health, good nutrition, and food security in emergency and non-emergency situations. Also, it is a human right that must be respected, protected and fulfilled.

Tips for giving your baby expressed breast milk

– If the milk is in the refrigerator, when it is removed, warm it in a bain-marie (off the heat).

– If it is frozen, it is defrosted in the refrigerator the night before and used within 24 hours, or in a water bath (off the heat), it is used within an hour.

– When thawing breast milk, the water in the water bath must not touch the mouth of the bottle.

– Thawed, unused, or leftover milk from a feeding is discarded. Will not refreeze.

– Milk should not be boiled or heated in the microwave, because it can burn the baby’s mouth.

– It is recommended to give breast milk with a hard plastic cup free of bisphenol A, suitable for food, gently move the breast milk so that the fat mixes with the rest of the milk.

– Do not use a bottle because it confuses the baby to latch on to the breast and predisposes to diarrheal infections and dental malocclusion.

– The amount and times that the baby feeds depend on his demand: at least eight times a day, and according to hunger signals. If she didn’t take enough, she may take more at the next feeding or order sooner.

If you wish to donate human milk, you can contact the Breast Milk Bank of the Hospital General Materno Infantil San Pablo for relevant information, at (0971) 627-441, for WhatsApp and calls.

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