Health of Irving Larios has deteriorated in a year in prison in "El Chipote"

Health of Irving Larios has deteriorated in a year in prison in “El Chipote”

The opponent Irving Larios will celebrate tomorrow, Tuesday, September 20, a year of being detained in the cells of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance (DAJ), known as “El Nuevo Chipote”, a center where he is subjected to various tortures, according to complaints from human rights organizations and relatives of political prisoners.

The relatives of the prisoner of conscience have sued the administration of Daniel Ortega on several occasions to change the precautionary measure to house arrest for the opponent, due to the different effects on his health.

Irving Larios suffers from hypertension, uric acid and in March of this year he contracted COVID-19 while he was in prison, according to what his relatives reported on that occasion. «He was in the cells without anyone attending him with all the symptoms of a sore throat, fever and that it was difficult for him to breathe. Up to six days later he was treated, “they indicated.

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Irving Larios It was presented on Wednesday, August 31, in the courts of Managua. The member of the Articulation of Social Movements (AMS) was exhibited before the official media with his emaciated face. The photographs show the consequences that a year of confinement has left on the opponent.

Larios remained calm in the face of the harassment of the government propaganda media cameras. It should be noted that the judicial authority does not allow them to speak, it only limits them to listening and signing the minutes.

Irving Larios was arrested on September 20, 2021 by the Regime Police at his home. The dictatorship accused him of violating Law 1042, the Special Cybercrime Law, the same legal tool that he used to prosecute more than 40 opposition leaders who have been imprisoned since the end of May of last year in the electoral context.

Larios is an economist, sociologist and president of the Institute for Research and Social Management (INGES). This entity facilitates and accompanies processes of citizen participation, gender equity, generational change and the coordination of actions for development.

On March 9, the judge of the Tenth Criminal Trial District, Nancy Aguirre Gudiel, sentenced Larios to 13 years in prison and disqualification from holding public office. In addition to the payment of 800 days of fines, about 160 thousand cordobas.

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