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Police authorities and prosecutors warn about cases of scams that proliferate, mainly via social networks. The “offers” of work with juicy salaries stand out. Despite being a recurring trap, there are many unwary.

WhatsApp, private messages from social accounts, phone calls are the ways that “professional” scammers choose to recruit unsuspecting people.

The objective is to convince potential victims that if they are unemployed, they should use a telephone line to sign up on a list where those who want to work and “earn very good money” are registered.

“The work is simple, there is no time limit. Daily salary: USD 50 ~ 200. All salaries are paid on the same day. (Note: you must be at least 20 years old.) If you are interested in this position, answer “1” and click WhatsApp for more information”, refers to the alleged (false) offer made by scammers, using WhatsApp messaging.

The “work”, in fact, requires following some steps in which the target of the scam is asked to contribute a sum of money for “administrative expenses” or other concepts.

Although they are systematically stripped naked in their scams, those dedicated to this need are not without victims who, either out of naivety or desperation, agree to follow the game.


Another criminal category in which many fall is that of the promises of “good work” in Brazil, with salaries that exceed 10 million guaraníes.

This proposal has already generated several scammers who, indeed, went to work in Brazil, finding themselves in fact with tasks that they must carry out under slave conditions, with less pay than promised.

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Work up to 15 hours a day, in extremely poor conditions, in areas such as clothing, construction, crops, farms, among others, affect compatriots.

The Brazilian Ministry of Labor issued a report stating that 1,200 foreigners (among them many Paraguayans) are in that country, working in slave-like conditions.

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