Head of State: Six lines will govern government action this 2023

Head of State: Six lines will govern government action this 2023

During the Annual Message to the Nation, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro announced six lines that will govern the actions of the Government for this 2023.

“These are the six guidelines for this 2023, we have clear lines to consolidate economic growth and guarantee living by living,” he said from the Protocol Chamber of the Federal Legislative Palace.

He specified that the first guideline is “to consolidate economic growth with equality”, in order to guarantee the reduction of the Gini index and the reduction of the vulnerable population in the country.

As a second guideline, the expansion of the government’s social protection system is aimed at improving the programs of Misiones and Grandes Misiones.

“We are going to strengthen and expand social protection and security to all the Venezuelan people, especially to the victims of the economic blockade with the relaunch of the Missions, Great Bolivarian Missions and the launch of a special social investment plan that is being worked on. and I hope to activate in the first quarter of this year,” he said.

The third line of work provides for the expansion of the presence of popular power in all areas of economic, social and political life, while the fourth line is the consolidation of the comprehensive security plan of the nation and guarantee the distribution of justice. and peace.

“We are going to strengthen the Peace Quadrants throughout the country,” he stressed.

As a fifth line, it is estimated to advance consistently in the integral independence and decolonization of Venezuela, a point on which he called on cultivators, teachers, intellectuals, professors and artists to join this work.

Finally, he pointed out that the sixth line will be directed at the geopolitical, and its objective is to advance the consolidation in a new integration and the construction of the Patria Grande.

Head of State: Six lines will govern government action this 2023

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