Head of Mental Health of the SNS: "Psychiatry is for everyone"

Head of Mental Health of the SNS: “Psychiatry is for everyone”

“Mental health is humanity because everything that touches the human being can affect him,” is the approach of Dr. Francis Báez, director of the Department of Mental Health of the National Health Service (SNS).

It is for this reason that he urges people to take care of themselves “as humans”, that they can identify how far their tolerance goes, but also that they learn to limit other people, to avoid reaching codependency.

When interviewed on the program “Mañanas Latinas”, which is broadcast from Monday to Friday, by Top Latina 101.7 FM, from 7:00 to 9:00 am, Báez insisted that psychiatry is for all people because the mental health ranges from a sleep disorder and stress to schizophrenia.

“Because mental health encompasses the entire society, our nation, mental health it is something mega because mental health interferes with everyone. If a program for prisons came out of mental health, a program for Violence, a society and community program, different types of programs came out, we would have a brilliant society,” said Báez.

In another order, he reported that the Mental Health Department of the SNS has only been established for two years and that it is in charge of executing the norms and policies established by Public Health.

“We are fighting to increase the Health budget, specifically Mental Health, which is 0.77% of the Health budget, Mental Health does not even reach 1%. We are fighting to be able to correct this mess of violence and so many dissocial disorders that we see out there,” the specialist complained.

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