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November 9, 2022
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This Tuesday the mid-term elections take place in the United States, a crucial moment for the future of the country due to everything that is at stake and, above all, due to the political future that awaits both President Joe Biden and Donald Trump. .

Source: BBC World

The United States celebrates this November 8 midterm electionsalso called “midterm“, an occasion in which millions of Americans will have the opportunity to vote for their representatives in Congress.

in these elections the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate are renewedin addition to define various positions of governors and local positions.

The outcome of the elections is expected make a big impact in the remaining two years of Joe Biden’s presidency for all that is politically at stakeespecially the majority in Parliament.

For Republicans, this is a key moment, since It will be the first election since Donald Trump left the White House.becoming the best indicator of the former president for decide whether or not to launch again as a candidate for 2024.

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Another issue to bear in mind is that if the republicans were to take control of either house, could effectively curb Biden’s agenda for the remainder of his term.

These are some of the key points of these votesas mentioned by BBC Mundo:


A change in composition in Congress can have a direct impact on issues that concern a section of the American population, as is the case with abortion.

Both parties (Democratic and Republican) already have legislative projects that they are going to try to implement at the federal level if they win control of Congress in November.

The democrats promise defend women’s right to abortion, while the republicans have proposed a federal abortion ban beyond 15 weeks of pregnancy.


Donald Trump is still interested in taking his place in the White House againwhich has hinted on more than one occasion since he left the presidency.

The midterm elections they could end up strengthening your position or dashing your hopes. Although he does not appear on the ballot as a candidate, Trump’s political support for dozens of Republican candidates yes it is.

The boost provided by Donald Trump to several candidates for the Senate allowed them to outperform Republicans in primary elections. If they manage to secure victory todayit could mean an important incentive in their pretensions to the US presidency


BBC recalls that midterm elections in the US they usually look like a referendum in the first two years of a presidential term.

Historically, the party that is in power usually suffers a defeat in these votes, which in turn puts the government of Joe Biden in check.

The Biden’s approval ratings have been low for more than a year. If control of either house passes to the Republican Partyit would have the power to prevent Congress from passing Democratic bills and the result would be a stagnation legislative.

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The 2022 midterm elections they are going to be the first federal elections since the assault on the US Capitol took place. in January 2021, in which Trump supporters tried to prevent that the congressmen certify the electoral victory of Joe Biden.

It should be remembered that Trump has insisted on his questioning of the election results and has actively supported Republican candidates who say they stole their victory.

Many of these candidates are running for office in which they will have at least some form of control over the electoral systems of their state ahead of the 2024 presidential contest, highlights the BBC.

In case you get elected, these politicians could refuse to certify the election results in their states if the country saw a close election for the presidency.

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