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He will be released from prison: they grant house arrest to Carlos Granada

He Criminal Judge of Guarantees, Julián López, granted house arrest to former press manager Carlos Granada, accused of coercion, sexual coercion and sexual harassment. The benefit was given under a real bond of G. 900 million value of a property located in Encarnación. Thus, a personal bond of G. 200 million was also provided for his wife and G. 200 million for his father.

“At this point in the process, the Court has considered a less burdensome measure prudent and pertinent. It is a bond that was offered by the defense, a property that, according to the appraisal, had a valuation of a little more than G. 900 million, so the Court has locked an embargo, plus 2 personal bonds,” the magistrate told the court. 780 AM.

In turn, the lawyer Alvaro Arias He mentioned to 650 AM that the prolongation of the deprivation of liberty implies an early sentence and that is prohibited by the National Constitution, in addition there is no danger of flight or obstruction of the investigation, according to the representative of Granada.

In this way, the excommunicator must go to a residence located in Sajonia de Asunción.

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Granada is accused of the crimes of coercion, sexual coercion and sexual harassmentaccording to the Public Ministry.

Last May, a complaint was filed against Granada by several journalists who were under his orders, who claimed that if they did not comply with the provisions of the “journalistic director”, they would be fired. In fact, many of them ended up disconnected from the channel.

Despite the fact that his arrest was ordered, Granada was not notified and for three months he preferred not to attend the call of Justice. When he did, andn Friday, November 11, he was detained.

The sentence expectation is up to 10 years.

The entrance He will be released from prison: they grant house arrest to Carlos Granada was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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