“He who does not live it does not know it”, the governor of Panama Oeste invites the Ombudsman to leave his office and see what is happening on the beaches

Judith Pena | January 20, 2023

The governor of the province of Panama Oeste, Sindy Smith, invited the Ombudsman, Eduardo Leblanc, to leave his office and carry out field work to feel for himself the current situation that afflicts the population living near the beaches and rivers during the summer season.

Let us remember that in the province of Panama Oeste a schedule for the use of the beaches had been implemented until 5:30 in the afternoon, but at the request of the Ombudsman, due to possible violation of human rights, the Government backed down and left the schedule regular.

«I would like to invite the Ombudsman to approach the community boards, because I do tell you that it is true that we have the laws, but if he interviews the people of the communities he will understand why “He said, adding that” he who does not live it does not know it.

The official insisted that Leblanc go to the province and demonstrate the situation first hand and not ask for answers in a note.

“Come to our province and let’s go on a field trip and see the reality because reality is not what is put down on paper, but what the people of these communities live,” he specified, adding that people of bad living take advantage of the moments of recreation to put at risk the inhabitants of the area and families who come in search of healthy fun.

Last weekend, an elderly woman was attacked in the patio of her residence on El Palmar beach, by people who were staying on the beach with excessive noise.

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