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The intention is to suppress what is established in Art. 1, which speaks of the prohibition to import used vehicles, whatever their origin and model, with a seniority greater than ten yearscounted from the year of its manufacture until the year of dispatch in the place of origin.

Let us remember that as of 2011, Law 4,333/11 came into force, which regulates the importation of vehicles with more than 10 years of use for the Paraguayan fleet.

Despite the fact that this law establishes that vehicles older than 10 years cannot be imported, several companies and importers have obtained, over the years, sentences and legal measures to continue importing this type of vehicle.

Deputy Derlis Maidana (ANR). Photo: file.

The designer highlights in his statement of reasons that, the current text of the law affects not only importers of a certain product, but also potential consumers.

“The state must establish rules of balance between the suppliers and the demand, through regulations that place them on an equal footing for the benefit of the generality,” the justification document refers.

He adds that, with the current provision, there is a tendency towards formation of a monopoly of companies that are only dedicated to the sale of new vehiclesin contravention of the constitutional mandate in relation to the prohibition of the creation of this legal figure.

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