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October 29, 2022
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He was shot to death when he was going to cash a check in La Vega

Lo mataron a tiros cuando iba a cambiar un cheque en La Vega

In the emergency room of the Professor Juan Bosch Traumatology Hospital in La Vega, Edward Ramón Ramírez Abreu, 42, died, who was shot dead this Saturday when he was about to change a check at a bank in that town.

Ramírez Abreu was shot four times. His body remains in the morgue of said health center. In the place are members of the Dicrim and relatives of the deceased.

The deceased was the owner of a vegetable importer located between Las Cabuyas and the municipal district of Ranchito. The identity of the men who shot him to death is unknown at this time.

It transpired that Ramírez was inside a white Toyota Yipeta, which had bullet holes in the passenger window.

At the moment it was not reported if the man was stripped of belongings or money.

The bank branch where the incident took place is located on Av. Gregorio Rivas, in the province of La Vega.

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