He was miraculously saved: his ex-partner shot him twice but the shots did not come out

A previous shot, the one that alerted the neighbors, had gone out. The second, the one who was going to kill her, got stuck and saved her life. With the collusion of her friends, in early October a man tried to kill her ex-partner in Rivera, who was saved by chance.

The 21-year-old met her attacker one morning when the two had gone out dancing. He asked her to speak and she, not to upset him, accepted.

Despite this, he insulted her, told her that she provoked him and threw the drink she was drinking on her. Therefore, she wanted to leave, but he forbade her to leave with her body. His three friends collaborated to keep her. All this was recorded in the cameras of the Ministry of the Interior.

Before the watchful eyes of his friends, he dragged her down the street, threw her over a ravine and pushed her into a house. “You looked for this, you’ll see, because you wanted to be with that crazy person, I love you, but you make me do this (…) You don’t leave here, you go to a box, I’m going to kill you” he told her.

He threw her to the ground and put his knees on her chest. There she fired the first shot, the one that went to the door of the building, and that alerted the neighbors. She put the gun to her temple and added: “Now yes, now it was for you, I’m going to kill you.” After that, she shot him twice with bullets that didn’t come out.

The Justice granted the request of the Rivera Prosecutor’s Office of 1er Turn and charged the man for the authorship of a crime of very especially aggravated homicide (femicide) in attempted degree, a crime of personal injury and a crime of deprivation of liberty.

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