He was arrested for assaulting a woman with a machete in Cúa

He was arrested for assaulting a woman with a machete in Cúa

Police officers from the Rafael Urdaneta municipality (Cúa) in Valles del Tuy, Miranda state, arrested a subject for assault in the Vista Alegre II sector, last Wednesday.

The complaint was filed by the victim, who told the officers of the Police Coordination Center, located in the Santa Rosa urbanization, that the man armed with a machete caused sharp injuries to his head and arm.

The victim provided the physical characteristics of the perpetrator and was immediately transferred to the Dr. Miguel Osío Hospital, located on Perimetral de Cúa avenue. The doctors performed the pertinent tests and diagnosed head trauma with an open wound in the upper part of the skull, as well as a sharp-puncture wound in the right upper limb.

search operation

After the complaint, the officials spread out through the Vista Alegre II sector and managed to observe the subject involved in the attack and who was still carrying the knife, a machete type, in his hands. They arrested him and took him to the police headquarters where they read him his constitutional rights.

The perpetrator was identified as Carlos Enrique Febres Parra, 55 years old, who remained at the order of the Twenty-sixth Prosecutor’s Office (26) of the Public Ministry. The weapon used in the assault against the woman is also at the disposal of the judicial unit.

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