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He stabbed his friend to death out of jealousy

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Officials of the Scientific, Criminal and Forensic Investigation Corps (cicpc), arrested Ronald Alexander Hernández Querales (33), implicated in the death of Roberto Carlos Bouchert Rodríguez (23), an event that occurred in Los Flores de Catia, Sucre parish, Libertador municipality, Caracas.

According to the Cicpc, Hernández Querales took a short pointed weapon and stabbed his friend to death. Later, he dragged his body to the terrace of the house and hid it there.

“Roberto (his friend) told Ronald his desire to have an intimate meeting with the assailant’s partner, who opted to locate a knife, pounce on Bouchert and inflict multiple wounds until death,” revealed the general director of Cicpc, Douglas Rich.

He was detained today and placed under the order of the Public Ministry, he would have cleaned the crime scene, but days later his neighbors began to perceive the smell of the decomposing corpse and alerted the authorities.

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